We’ve got great news! NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy has just launched a new online portal, making it even easier for your patients to order prescription medicines. It’s simple for them to register for an account and upload your prescriptions to see if they’re available to be filled by our pharmacy. Once you’ve placed your order, your medications will arrive within one to three business days anywhere in Europe.

And when you as a physician register an account on the portal:


  • You can easily manage your patients’ orders from your computer or smartphone.

  • You can also view a list of all of your uploaded prescriptions.

  • Reorder prescription medications using a previously uploaded prescription with refills.

  • Track the progress of your orders including delivery.

We’re excited NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy has made it easier than ever for your patients to obtain prescription medicines. Register today so you can send your patients to NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy!